Philosophical conferences in Bled (Slovenia) were initiated in 1993, on the suggestion by John Biro and Matjaž Potrč as a continuation of the (for some time interrupted) IUC – Dubrovnik postgraduate course in philosophy. But they soon started a life of their own, and with the help of American co-organizers,  the first week of June in Bled remains traditionally reserved for a conference dedicated to various topics in the field of analytical philosophy.

The topic of the 2023 conference, June 5th through June 9th (Hotel Lovec, Bled) is:

Applied Epistemology: Virtue, Vice, and Bias

The conference is organized by Sarah Wright (University of Georgia). and Friderik Klampfer (University of Maribor)

Institutional Sponsors
Department of Philosophy, University of Maribor  and Slovenian Society for Analytic Philosophy
Financial support: Slovenian Research Agency, Grant No. P6-0144
and the Willson Center for Humanities and Arts, University of Georgia, USA